Jewelry and Accessories

Jewelry embellishes the beauty for our life. In the era of highlighting the personality, all kinds of jewelry are emerging. Jewelry contacts with the skin directly and closely and adds luster for you. However, it will pose a threat to your health if the jewelry contains toxic substances or other potential dangerous. As a result, various regulations and standards have been drawn or enforced to restrict hazardous substances and physical safety in jewelries in many countries, such as EU, US, Canada, and China. They are differed in the scope, requirements and limits though their purposes are the same.

Consumer Testing Technology Co., Ltd(CTT) is a leading professional organization in the testing industry. CTT have detected for several years, which have possessed excellent equipment technology and professional persons successfully. Except the items that regulated in the regulations or standards, CTT can provide a variety of quality performance evaluation, such as strength, tarnish, according to your requirements. Hence, we have the ability of providing a one-stop testing for your product!

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