EU Regulations for apparel & textile product

There are many regulations of textile and clothing in The European Union, before 2009, most of the hazardous substances requirement be issued by the form of directive, such as: 2005/84 / EC (AZO dyes), 2009/425 / EC (Organic tin), EN 14682 (children’s clothing rope safety instructions), 2006/122 / EC (PFOS) and so on, in June2009, and related instructions are included in the appendix XVII of the REACH regulation, in addition, for the textile and clothing finished products, the SVHC also be required.

EU Regulations for apparel & textile product

EU Regulations for apparel & textile product

Chemical testing category

RegionRegulation  ScopeTesting   Item
EUREACH(1907/2006/EC)  Article 33ArticleSVHC
REACH(1907/2006/EC)  Annex 17 Item 20Coating,   Ink, plastic, rubber synthetic leather, textileOrganic tin
REACH(1907/2006/EC)  Annex 17 Item 23Metal,   Coating, plastic, rubber, synthetic leatherCadmium
REACH(1907/2006/EC)  Annex 17 Item 27Metal and metal  coating intended to come into direct and   prolonged contact with skinNickel release
REACH(1907/2006/EC)  Annex 17 Item 43Textiles,  leather, synthetic leather come into contact with skinAZO Dyes
REACH(1907/2006/EC)  Annex 17 Item 46&46aTextilesNP/NPEO
REACH(1907/2006/EC)  Annex 17 Item 47Leather come  into contact with skinCr(VI)
REACH(1907/2006/EC)  Annex 17 Item 50Coating,   Ink, plastic, rubber, synthetic leather come into contact with skinPAHs
REACH(1907/2006/EC)  Annex 17 Item 51Plasticizing  materialPhthalates
REACH(1907/2006/EC)  Annex 17 Item 72Clothing and  related accessories, other textiles and footwear in contact with skin33 carcinogenic,  mutagenic or reproductive toxic substances 1A and 1B listed in annex 12 (CMR-1A&1B  substances)
REACH(1907/2006/EC)  Annex 17 Item 61Preservative, desiccant,  leatherDMFu

Physical testing category

No.Physical Testing ItemsRegulations/Standards
1Dimensional  Stability and  AppearanceENBSDINISO
3Strength Tests
4Structure Analysis
5Functional Tests
6Fiber Composition Analysis


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