JPN Regulations of toy safety

The Japanese Food Hygiene Law stipulates the requirements for raw materials and finished products for children’s toys, and the standards promulgated by the Japan Toy Association are also widely used. The current standard ST 2016 came into force on April 1, 2016, which stipulates the mechanical and physical properties, flammability, chemical properties and labeling requirements of toys. See the Japanese Toy Association released the new toy Safety Standard ST 2016.

JPN Regulations of toy safety
Regulations/StandardStandard nameContent
ST 2016 part 1Mechanical and physical propertiesThis standard specifies requirements and test methods for toys intended for use by children in various age groups from birth to 14 years
ST 2016 part 2FlammabilityThis standard specifies the categories of flammable materials that are prohibited in all toys, and requirements concerning flammability of certain toys when they are subjected to a minor source of ignition
ST 2016 part 3Chemical PropertiesTests included in standard but not limited to :1.Coloring matters2.8 heavy metals migration requirements for the paint coating applied to the body or the components of the toys (excluding the printing ink used for paper containers) and ink3.Pb, As, Cd test by colorimetric method4.Migration of coloring matters5.Residue on evaporation6.Consumption of potassium permanganate7.Formaldehyde content requirements in textile products used for toys8.The requirements of phthalates for “plasticized material” in toys


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