Physical Testing for Footwear & Leather Products

With the higher requirements for footwear and leather products, those products with high quality are warmly welcomed by the public. Accurate physical testing is important to ensure the footwear performances of comfort, durability and safety meets the required specifications. They also provide reliable information for consumers to choose their products.

physical testing for footwear & leather products

Physical Testing for Footwear & Leather Products

No.Testing ItemsReferenced Testing  Method/Standards
1Finished  ShoesPeel strengthASTM  D2558,BS  5131,DIN  4843,FIA  1206,HG/T  3086,ISO 17708,QB/T  1002,SATRA  TM 411
2Flexing testSATRA  TM 92
3Aging  testASTM  D573,BS  5131 5.3
4Waterproof test-dynamicSATRA TM 77
5Sewing strength testSATRA  TM 180
ISO 17697BS 5131 5.13
7Tensile strength for laceBS  5131 3.7,QB/T  3641,ISO 2023,SATRA  TM 94
8Heelattachment strengthASTM F694,BS EN 12785,GB/T 11413,SATRA TM113
9Slip ResistanceSatra TM144,ASTM F2913,GB/T 28287 ,EN 13287,ISO 20345 5.3.5,ASTM F609
10Outsole  MaterilsHardness testASTM  D2240,DIN  53505,GB/T 531.1,ISO 868A,SATRA  TM 205
11Non-yellowing testASTM D1148,HG/T 3689DIN BS EN 4892-3
12Tensile  strength testASTM D412,EN 12803,GB/T 528
13Tear resistanceASTM  D624,ISO 20872,ISO 34,GB/T 529
14Abrasion resistanceGB/T 3903.2,DIN  53516,EN  12770,SATRA TM174
15DIN abrasion test
16Upper  MaterialsFlexing testSATRA TM55,SATRA TM25,ISO 5402,QB/T 2714
17Tensile strengthSATRA TM 29,SATRA TM 29,ISO 3376,ASTM D2209,QB/T 2710
18Bursting testSATRA  TM 24,ISO 3379
19Colorfastness to rubbingAATCC  8,AATCC  116,ASTM  D5053,ISO 17700,QB/T 2882,SATRA  TM 167
20Martindale abrasion testASTM  D3389/D3884/D4157,SATRA TM31,EN 13520,ISO 20344,GB/T 3903.16
21Colorfastness to perspirationAATCC 15,ISO 105QB/T 2464,SATRA TM335
22Peeling testSATRA TM410,ISO 17698,ASTM F904
23Component       MaterialsZipper performance (Puller attachment, Lateral strength, Endurance, Strength of bottom stop holding)SATRA  TM52,AS  2332,BS  3084,ASTM  D2061,QB/T  2171,QB/T  2172 ,QB/T  2173
24Shank performance (Longitudinal  stiffness, Fatigueresistance, Bending performance )GB/T  28011,GB/T  3903.35


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