Contents of Policy


All quotations or services and other contracts or agreements arising out of or made by Consumables Inspection Engineering Co., Ltd. or any of the companies and agents associated with the company are subject to are bound by these experimental service general policy terms (hereinafter referred to as the “General Terms”) unless otherwise agreed in writing or inconsistently binding terms by law.

Service Provider

  1. The Company provides the service with a prudent and reasonable attitude in accordance with the specific instructions of the confirmed fiduciary. In the absence of this directive, the company may provide services using the following basis:
    1. Any standard corporate trust forms and terms in standard directive documents.
    2. Any relevant commercial practices, methods or practices;
    3. Methods that the company considers to be technically, operationally and financially appropriate.
  2. The results report issued after testing the sample only reflects the company’s assessment of the sample itself and not in the assessment of the same lot of the sample.
  3. The statement of results issued by the company only reflects the facts recorded. At the time of work and is limited to the scope of the instructions received. Without instructions, it is limited to the scope of reference chosen by the company in clause 2.1. The Company is under no obligation to mention or report any event or situation outside of the scope of specific guidelines or other applicable scope.
  4. The Company may appoint an agent or subcontractor to undertake all or part of the service. The fiduciary will authorize the company to provide the agent or subcontractor with all necessary information for the services it undertakes.
  5. If the company receives the contract or documents related to the fiduciary and third parties such as sales contract, letter of credit, bill of lading, etc. These documents are for reference only and do not expand or limit the scope of services or responsibilities the company undertakes.
  6. The fiduciary understands and acknowledges that the Company, while providing the services, does not displace the fiduciary or any third party, nor release any obligations of the fiduciary or any third party. In addition, it also does not acknowledge, reduce, exempt, or undertake to cancel any liability of the entrusting party to any 3rd party or of any 3rd party to the fiduciary.
  7. If the entrusting party requests the Company to save the sample. The retention period of all samples is up to 3 months. Or the minimum time allowed by the nature of the sample. Upon expiration, the company terminates all liability for these samples. And will proceed to process samples according to internal management instructions. If the entrusting party does not provide the required documents to store samples of the company. Then the company will process the sample according to the internal management guidelines.

Responsibilities of the entrusting party

  1. The entrusting party must provide complete and accurate information, instructions and documents. Before we quote and provide a test service to get the ordered services performed.
  2. With any of the samples entrusted or any of the potential risks. Or is the actual hazard known during testing. Includes elements or substances that are radioactive, toxic, dangerous or explosive, polluting the environment. Or there is a potential danger from poisoning, the entrusting party must notify the company in advance.

Fee and payments

  1. The trial fee is not determined when the company accepts the trust or the trustee’s contract negotiation will be done according to the company’s latest charging standards.
  2. The fiduciary must pay the relevant testing fees before the sample is commissioned for testing. If when the entrusting party has an agreement or signs another contract to cooperate with the company. Payment will be made according to the terms specified in the contract.
  3. In case there are any problems and costs incurred during the performance of the service. The Company will use its best efforts to notify the trustee of the timing. And additional costs required to complete the service.
  4. The Trustee has no right to withhold or delay any payment to the Company as a result of any dispute, claim or withholding with the Company.
  5. The Company may decide to sue in any court of competent jurisdiction to recover unpaid but unpaid amounts.

Suspension and Termination of Services

The Company reserves the right to suspend or terminate the provision of the service immediately and without any liability if the following cases occur:

  • The trustee has not fulfilled any of its responsibilities. After receiving notice of its negligence, the entrusting party does not remedy it within ten days.
  • The trustee exists any circumstances such as: Suspension of payments, arrangements with creditors, bankruptcy, insolvency. Management of bankruptcy or business suspension.

Liability and Compensation

  • The Company is neither an insurance company nor a guarantor and assumes no responsibility in this regard. If the fiduciary seeks to insure no loss or damage, it should be properly insured.
  • Report results based on information, documents and forms provided by the trustee. Or the trustee’s representative and can only be used to protect the trustee’s interests. The entrusting party shall be responsible for the actions it deems appropriate. According to the results report and for any actions taken. Or not done based on the statement of results. The Company and any member, agent or subcontractor of the Company shall not be liable to any authorized party or any third party. Company and any member, agent or subcontractor of the company. Do not bear any responsibility to the authorized party or any 3rd party. Regarding any incorrect results from unclear, inaccurate, incomplete, misleading information provided to the company.
  • The company is not responsible for any reason beyond the control of the company. Including the fiduciary’s failure to perform any of its obligations. Direct or indirect delay, in part or all, of the non-performance of services.
  • In relation to loss, damage or any kind of claim. The Company’s liability in no event shall exceed five times the standard service charge of the target sample.
  • In case of any complaint, the trustee must notify the Company in writing within 30 days. From the date of discovery of the alleged complaint. And the lawsuit must be filed within one year from the date below. Otherwise, the Company will be discharged from all liability in no event. For all claims for all costs, damages, losses caused.
  • The date on which the company performed the service on which the damage arose or
  • The date on which any alleged failure to perform service.


  • If any one or more of the provisions of the General Terms are deemed illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality. The enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be thereby affected or diminished.
  • During the service provision and for the following 1 year, the authorized party will not directly or indirectly solicit, defame or hire Company employees to leave the Company’s position.
  • The Company’s name and business registration may not be used for advertising purposes without the Company’s written permission.
  • If there is any discrepancy between the other languege version and the Chinese version of these terms of service, the Chinese version shall prevail.

Rule of Law

Governing Law, Judicial Rights and Dispute Resolution. All disputes arising out of the provision of services will be governed by the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. And is construed according to the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. And all disputes shall be submitted to the competent courts of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.