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Annual meeting of ISO/TC 137 & ISO/TC 216 mirror committee was held in CTT

Nguồn: 中鼎检测 Ngày: 2019-08-13 Duyệt qua: 2235

On August 8, 2019, the 4th annual meeting of ISO/TC 137 & ISO/TC 216 mirror committee was successfully held in Consumer Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (CTT). The meeting was host by the China Leather & Footwear Research Institute Co., Ltd. and sponsored by CTT. More than 40  members, NQI project participants and expert representatives  participated in the meeting.

CTT chairman Mr. Jianhua Xu said, it’s a great honor to sponsor this meeting. For CTT, is a good opportunity to exchange experience in technical areas with all the experts.

In the meeting, the supplemental committee members were announced and the certificates for drafting units of two new 2019 international footwear standards, ISO 20150 and ISO 20535, were issued. In addition, CTT's senior technical experts are appointed as one of member of ISO/TC 137 & ISO/TC 216 mirror committee.

Dr. Weijuan Zhang, manager of ISO/TC 137& ISO/TC 216 mirror committee, reported the 2018 work summary and the 2019 work plan of the mirror committee, and as well as the major revisions of the new ISO guidelines. Next, the revised rules of ISO/TC 137 & ISO/TC 216 mirror committee was discussed. Another discussion around 14 international draft standards by the experts, has come out with constructive comments, which lays a solid technical foundation for the annual meetings of ISO/TC 137 & ISO/TC 216 to be held in Brussels in October.                

The chairman and vice President of CTT accompanied the leaders and experts throughout lab visit and introduced the overall operation and the future development of the laboratory.

【About ISO/TC 137 & ISO/TC 216 mirror committee 】

The mirror committee, formed in 2016, is a comprehensive team of experts with language and technical advantages,. The mirror committee plays an important role in promoting the steady progress of the international footwear standardization working group,  and further enhance the voice of  China in the international standardization work.

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